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Virtual Lab

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Virtual Lab at TSU

Virtual Lab is based on software to simulate the lab environment. Based on Java Applet and Labview Runtime Engine, we develop several virtual experiments at TSU.

Virtual Lab is good for concept explanation and no time and place restriction.It is the interactive medium between physical and virtual lab.

Development Tools

                  LabVIEW,From the inception of an idea to the commercialization of a widget, NI’s unique platform-based approach to engineering and science applications has driven progress across a wide variety of industries.

Matlab/Simlink, Simulink provides a graphical editor, customizable block libraries, and solvers for modeling and simulating dynamic systems. It is integrated with MATLAB®, enabling you to incorporate MATLAB algorithms into models and export simulation results to MATLAB for further analysis.

Java Applet,A Java applet is a small application which is written in Java and delivered to users in the form of bytecode. The user launches the Java applet from a web page, and the applet is then executed within a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) in a process separate from the web browser itself.

Flash, it created on the Adobe Flash platform, including viewing multimedia, executing rich Internet applications, and streaming video and audio.

Virtual Experiments

Resistor Color Code

Amplitude Shift Keying

Pulse Code Modulation (PCM)

Frequency Shift Keying

Series-Parallel DC Circuits

Superposition Theorem

Thevenin's Theorem

Maximum Power Transfer