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Remote Lab

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Remote Lab at TSU

Remote Lab, by definition, is an experiment which is conducted and controlled remotely through the Internet.

We develop the unified remote experiment framework that can control the experiment at any platform without any plugin or firewall issue.

Most importantly, we provide real-time experiment solutions based on the unified remote experiment framework which help to improve the user experience with a leading edge feature.


                   Develop a seamless remote laboratory technology that is platform and operating system independent.

Develop a rich, user friendly interface with a leading edge feature named web perspective.

Develop an easy-to-use unified remote laboratory publishing tool for remote laboratory developers.

Develop a generic scheduler web server for remote experiment farm.


              How to improve remote laboratories localization transparency issue.

How to improve remote laboratory system Cross-platform performance and solve client side plugin issue.

How to resolve the real-time experiment data and real-time experiment video traversing firewall transmission issue.

How to improve the remote laboratory system security issue.

How to improve substitution of device issue in remote laboratory.

How to improve remote laboratory lack reusability issue.