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Welcome to the NSF and QNRF sponsored Virtual and Remote Laboratory (VR-Lab) in the Department of Engineering at Texas Southern University (TSU). This website provides you with a connection between virtual and remote experiments in the VR-Lab.

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The VR-Lab has been established by utilizing the latest Information Technology and setting up an Internet-based laboratory for interactive learning.

In general, the online laboratories can be categorized as either virtual laboratories and remote laboratories.

Virtual laboratories allow students to log on to a simulated environment residing on a remote server.

Remote laboratories allow students to remotely control real components or instruments from any place with Internet access.


Improve the learning of undergraduate student population in the engineering technology program.

Revamp some existing laboratories with virtual and remote functionalities.

Provide a platform to publish the VR-Lab coursewares.

Promote inter-institutional collaboration by developing and sharing VR-Lab courseware.

Develop faculty expertise through research and teaching initiatives.